Monday, March 5, 2012

To Bomb or Not to Bomb, That is the Question

" 'Loose' War Talk Only Helps Iran, President Says"

It has the awful feel of deja vu as we seem headed into an inevitable 'weapons of mass destruction' argument. The Republican hawks line up to lambast the President and denounce his abandonment of Israel. Yet the reality is that there is no concrete evidence that the Iranian program "has decided to pursue a nuclear weapon", and certainly nothing to suggest that one is capable of imminent completion.

We are a nation tired of war and we should be one that learns from past errors in judgment. President Obama is right to demand that we exhaust all other options and that we only proceed when there is no other recourse and a verified imminent threat. To do otherwise would commit ourselves to a course of action that is both uncalled for and imprudent.

Iran, much like Iraq, seems willing to play a massively dangerous game of chicken. If the past decade, and its enormous toll has taught us anything, it is that there are no winners in such a game.  Let us keep our heads and  hold our bombs, and demonstrate not only our resolve but our intelligence.

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