Friday, March 9, 2012


It has become an almost daily part of  our lives. I hear it occasionally in the furtive comments between my wife and my son, as they gather together to summarize the latest fiasco. I know that it is the focus of text messages and conversations of my children. It is the mind numbing, head shaking continuing saga which I like to call WDDD (What Did Dad Do).

The latest episode took place last evening. My long suffering wife was one day shy of her 58th birthday. As usual, I had done nothing about this occasion as I was way too wrapped up in feeling sorry for myself due to my latest battle with a bad back. Before Jo and I headed out for dinner with friends, I advised Richie that I had not even gotten a birthday card yet. My plan was to do so the next morning.

During the meal, I got  a text message reading "I got the cards". Try as I might, I had no idea what this meant. I stared at the screen for several seconds, contemplating the possible explanations. I then handed the phone to Jo and asked her if she had any idea what Richie was discussing.  My wife looked at me in a way that suggested pity, resignation and befuddlement at my staggering lack of cognitive ability. And worse, that this was not unexpected.

Yesterday my daughter related a tale to me. She began by saying that she thinks she found someone worse than me. I don't think it was meant as a compliment, but in an odd way it was intended to give me comfort. in knowing I was not alone.

This is not meant as an indictment of my family. To the contrary. You cannot fully comprehend what it means to be living with me until you have walked in their shoes. I know that they look for and appreciate all the good that they find in me. Its just that sometimes the digging to reach that point becomes a little overwhelming.
Waiting around the corner is the next episode that defies logic and reason. When you suffer from a chronic case of WDDD  there is hardly a moment's rest.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jo! Robert you are not too bad. Ted

Marc said...

shouldn't it really ge WDDDTT?
(what did dad do this time)

do you think it could be related to your other famous condition -- ineptitude?

Robert said...

You are absolutely correct in your modification of the title, and yes, unfortunately, I believe the 2 conditions are inexorably intertwined