Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another K for the Rocket

("Clemens is Found Not Guilty of Lies in Denying Doping")

To paraphrase Yogi, I am 90% certain he is not innocent, even if I am 100% certain he was found not guilty. There can be a chasm between verdict and reality, which is filled with everything from prosecutorial ineptitude, to witnesses who carry far too heavy baggage, or juror belief that the penalty requested does not fit the crime committed. Reasonable doubt can take many forms and, as we have seen in the most famous of recent criminal trials, another former sports icon walked away from a murder many now believe he committed.

This is one more victory for the Rocket as another strikeout victim heads back to the bench.  Was it hubris, the ultimate belief that he was stronger than even the Federal government, that drove him to fight the charges? Was it his quest to assure his legacy and his place in the Hall of Fame? Or was he actually set up by a former disgruntled employee, a victim of Congressional headhunting and the frenzy to eradicate steroids from the game no matter the cost to the individual defendant?

Andy Pettite, certain of his recollections in earlier comments, on the stand announced he was 50% sure he might have "misremembered" his best friend's admission of guilt. And maybe, like him, I am misremembering all the damning evidence that came to light and Clemens' unseemly allegation blaming his wife as being the actual steroid abuser in his family. But I think not.

 At least for me, innocent and not guilty still remain way more than 60 feet 6 inches apart.

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