Saturday, June 30, 2012

Begging on Street Corners

My friends are hurting. While they are not on street corners begging for pennies, that appears almost an inevitable next step. I have heard from them daily over the last few months, asking me to give them something, anything. $3 seems to be what they have now settled on as the minimum they need to survive until tomorrow. Barney, Barack and Bob. The 3 Bs. What chance do they stand in this cruel world?

It is almost comical in a moment where the financial floodgates are wide open and the gush of money from the likes of Adelson and the Koch brothers comes pouring out in what seems like the hundreds of millions, that Frank, Obama and Menendez are still looking to me for assistance. It has the distinct feel of David, without any stones, against Goliath. $3. It sounds so pitifully tiny. One push of a financial button and a million little contributions are negated and emasculated by one of the cabal in Romney's corner.

I am told of all the evils that await on the first day of the Romney presidency. I get it, and so does everyone else who has paid even minimal attention to the shenanigans of the party that has made right the new center, and off the chart right the new wrong. I don't need to be reminded that if I think it is ugly out there now, I ain't seen nothing yet. I get it.

The sky really could fall, if my friends are left homeless this November. But $3. Is this really what stands between me and armageddon?  It seems so early 21st century, so 2008. It looks like the world before Citizens United. The democratic universe has to come up with a new theme song and quickly before they are inundated in a barrage of anti-Obama rhetoric which should come with warning labels, like everyone under 18 must be attended by a rational parent when listening to fiction masquerading as fact.

Even in a moment of unanticipated success, when Chief Justice Roberts inexplicably jumped ship for a nano-second and left his 4 brethren wondering why Obamacare remained upright, there were many ominous signs. Danger lurked even in the middle of triumph. You don't have to tell me what will happen if a Romney administration has a chance to move even one more Scalia look alike on the high court. I get it. But $3?

So my advice to the 3 Bs is to stop begging. You know the laws that are supposed to prevent us from getting all those annoying phone calls in the middle of dinner? You are kind of getting on my nerves, even though I admire and respect what you are trying to accomplish.

As the Republicans would say "man up". Tell me $3 is not enough, not nearly enough. Tell me to get off my couch, go to the window and shout, "I'm mad as hell at the thought of our country being destroyed in pieces by the uber conservatives and I'm not going to take it anymore. And please send $4." That should be more than sufficient to fend off the attack.

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