Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not a Drop to Drink

("An Election Half Empty")

I would modify Mr. Bruni's terminology from hopelessness to helplessness, and from reference of morning in America to mourning in America. There is a depression, not a decline that is setting in, and it is an emotional as much as economic one.

Congress is in lockdown mode and will be so for the foreseeable future. Europe and beyond are in a crisis in which the other shoe may drop squarely on our head. Our country, our world, is ugly and getting uglier by the minute.

In this environment it will be next to impossible to generate any enthusiasm for the coming election. Obama cannot point to an amorphous brighter day as he could what seems a lifetime ago, but must now rely on defending and delineating efforts that have failed to elevate us, no matter where the fault may lie. Romney would seek as a solution to resurrect, with minor revision, those policies that brought us such calamity.

On most days now, it is hard to even find the glass is half empty. In the middle of a depression, there is, it seems, not a drop to drink.


gail said...

Great analysis and, as always, so well articulated.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, well said. PB