Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Misdirection of America

("Opinion on Health Care Law Reflects Ad Spending" and "Romney's Personal Touch Pays Off With Donors")

It is the misdirection of America: voices in opposition to health care reform by those who would most benefit from its provisions, and significant contributions to the Republican coffers from auto dealerships who may well owe their continued existence to the actions of President Obama, contrary to Mitt Romney's stated objection.

It is a moment in which reality has lost its relevance.

In what feels like a matter of seconds after Romney was buffeted by criticism from would be presidential candidates in his party, the money is flowing in, and the president, as has too often been the case over the course of this administration, is searching for ways to try to capture the hearts and minds of the public.

Maybe this is but the honeymoon period for Romney, having cast aside his primary opposition and now basking in the unfettered spotlight. But it looks very ugly all around. I keep waiting for something, anything to bring this country back into focus. However, the unassailable truth of the moment is that those with big money, seduced by Ann's cookies and an accessible candidate, promote their own self interest, while simultaneously convincing many, with little, to support a candidate who would do nothing to protect and provide for them. When this financial spectrum coalesces on both ends, I fear greatly where we are headed.

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