Thursday, July 12, 2012

Denounce, Denigrate and Define

("Romney Faces Call to Deliver Counterpunch")

It is ironic that Republicans, who are the masters of shaping the dialogue, are so concerned that the Democrats are busy defining their putative candidate.

The plain truth is that Mr. Romney has assiduously avoided defining himself, continuously morphing his positions on a whole range of issues (the latest fiasco being the "tax" versus "penalty" ramblings). He has proven himself a chameleon, changing to fit whatever is expedient at the moment.

Throughout the primary fight, he moved further and further to the right. The thrust of the theory coming from his camp was that he would disavow much of what he was saying during this portion of the campaign and move more to his true self in the his battle with the President. The effect was to make politics, not policy, his master.

He has repeatedly distanced himself from one of his own signature achievements. His Massachusetts plan for healthcare served, in large part, as the template for "Obamacare" which he now vigorously attacks and decrees he will undo his first day in office.

This week, he has ludicrously suggested to the NAACP that his vision for the path of this country would be more favorable to the black community than that of his opponent. That will never happen in the universe according to Mitt, which gives not one morsel to the poor and underprivileged.

There is no there there in Mr. Romney. He lacks any true convictions or holds any seemingly immutable beliefs. As such, he is and will continue to be an easy target for the Democrats to denounce, denigrate and define.

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