Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hoof In Mouth Disease

 ("Mitt's Olympic Meddle")

This process involving Mitt Romney is not so much about running for office as it is running away from himself. He religiously avoids discussing anything Mormon, he is bankrupt relating to personal financial revelations and he avoids like the plague discussing his health care legislation in Massachusetts.

The gaffe in England is but the latest in a series of forgettable and regrettable remarks when he strays from the formula of saying nothing about everything. His candidacy is remarkable for its long periods of vacuousness, punctuated by occasional hoof in mouth disease (the horse people now being another crowd he studiously avoids, feigning lack of interest in his family's quest for equestrian gold).

His remarks about failing to permit review of his tax returns (they could open him up to unrelenting criticism from his opponents) is in keeping his universal theme of non-disclosure.

In stark contrast to the glory and the poetry that our nation and the world heard from the Democratic candidate for President on foreign soil 4 years ago, we are left to ponder the ordinary and small image that Romney projects. There was nothing Olympian in his words or his vision., even as he stood in the midst of greatness. He is far less than he should be, and far less than what our country deserves. He is, by his own doing, nothing.

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