Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weapons of Mass Destruction

 ("6,000 Bullets")

Policy reform stands no chance against political reality. Both the President and his putative Republican challenger remain mute in the wake of yet another senseless tragedy. Platitudes of sorrow are soon replaced by the discouraging statement of Mr. Romney that now, in the heat of the moment, is not the time to discuss gun control. While bullets continue to fly, and blood flows, even the hint of reform is nowhere in evidence.

The conversation is about swing state votes and the power of the NRA,  not of slowing the proliferation of weapons intended only for mass destruction. With each succeeding tragedy, the outrage should multiply, but the discussions become, if anything, more muted and the voices in opposition more irrelevant and harder to locate. It is an abdication of responsibility and a loss of moral compass.

I wonder what Gabby Giffords must be thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Does the second amendment permit each of us to have nuclear weapons? Ted