Friday, August 3, 2012

Conflated and Confused

("The Credit Illusion")

I don't blame you for being "Confused in Columbus". You have conflated the noble concept of shared enterprise and common purpose bringing elevated dreams to reality with the ignoble ramblings of a man engaging in ethnic stereotyping in the hopes of garnering a few more votes and few more dollars. To bring the ideals expressed by President Obama down to the level of the divisiveness and hatred of Mr. Romney's diatribe demonstrates that you, Mr. Confused, are wholly deserving of your name.

I am just glad that Mr. Brooks got to straighten you out with his (as always) condescending lecture, this time on who all of us really are, in the course of this seminar serving to make us seem wholly predictable and shallow.

Mr. Brooks, why did you not point out the fallacy in the logic in the letter written to "Mr. Opinion Guy"? Could you be a little "confused"?

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