Friday, September 7, 2012

Did you Listen?

Did you listen, you the undecided? I hope so.

Did you listen last week to the Republican posturing and pandering, the empty words lacking in policy, full of prevarication?

Did you listen now to Clinton, to Kerry, to Biden to Michelle and Barack Obama as they gave context to the actions of the President and contrast to the false visions of the Republicans?

Did you listen how the President inherited a disaster and an opponent bent only on his destruction and yet rescued an industry from demolition and a country from falling into the deepest of depressions?

Did you listen to the first lady speaking of the passion and persistence of her husband, of his devotion and dedication to make sure the fallen have a chance to rise and that each one of us has the right to continue to dream?

Did you listen to the former President as he dismantled the Republicans piece by piece on domestic issues?

Did you listen to the former candidate for President in 2004 as he dismembered Romney and Ryan on their foreign policy shortcomings?

Did you listen to the Vice President as he gave tribute to Obama and focused on the tribulations he met head on, with strength and courage?

Did you listen to the President discuss and defend his record on health care reform, on Iraq and Afghanistan, on nursing a very sick economy back from death's doorstep, on protecting the rights of each individual to make choices regarding his or her body or life partner?

Did you listen, you the undecided? I hope so, not only for your sake but for the sake of all of us. For if you did, you would clearly understand the Republican party's failings and the strength of the Democratic party's foundation. For if you did, you would no longer be undecided. You just have to listen.

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