Friday, September 21, 2012

Ju$t Rewards

("Temerity at the Top")

Mr. Brooks just doesn't understand. It is not that those who have reached the pinnacle deserve our contempt, it is merely that that they are not entitled to be venerated, coddled and protected. Accomplishment is very handsomely rewarded, as in the case of Mr. Musk. But our society, and certainly the least of those in that society, don't owe Mr. Musk a further debt, either economically or emotionally.

Medicaid and Medicare benefits don't have to be slashed so that the tax rates on those like Mr. Musk can be reduced to allow them to accumulate even greater wealth. I applaud Mr. Musk for having a $2 billion net worth but I know that his imagination, innovation and intuition had nothing to do with Bush era tax cuts. Don't conflate achievement with proper fiscal policy Mr. Brooks. Mr. Musk, and those like him, have received more than their fair share already.

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