Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kill the Umpire, the Sequel

In "Kill the Umpire", William Bendix plays Two Call Johnson, an ex-ballplayer who becomes, at least initially, a reluctant minor league umpire. His nickname is the result of his mistaken application of eye-drops, leading to temporary double vision and making of every call twice. This 1950 movie centers around an apparently blown call by Two Call, an ensuing brawl in which a player is knocked out, and a mob bent on revenge. As the plot moves forward,  the film's protagonist gains momentary redemption only to blow another play. At the conclusion, Two Call is once more on the run from an angry crowd.

I fear that this movie was prescient.

New, previously unreleased footage of the 2012 NFL Referee Strike Replacements. Or not.

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