Friday, October 26, 2012

A Clear and Definite Path

("A Final Swing through the Swing States")

Well, at least there is a clear and definite path for the candidates to take in the final frantic hours before November 6. Having read and absorbed the advice now espoused by the experts, we should expect to see a former Governor Romney who gives a straightforward and simple explanation on jobs and the economy (New Hampshire), who must be specific on jobs and the economy and can't afford to be vague (Nevada), who shouldn't even bother communicating his positions since they are already well understood but should merely energize his staff and stop at campaign offices (Virginia), and who must travel the entire state and make impromptu or unscheduled stops to press the flesh with all voters (Iowa). 

President Obama seems to have the tougher job of convincing undecided voters (New Hampshire) but may in fact have an easier time (Ohio). He must criticize Mr. Romney as a "radical experimentalist" but at the same time speak of his opponent in positive terms as generosity and courtesy matter (also Ohio). He has to stress the GOP war on women (New Hampshire) but set an example of cooperation not confrontation and tell us something about his opponent that may merit commendation (Colorado). 

It does appear that getting out the vote may be the most important way for the candidates to spend the few precious days that remain until the election (New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio), and thus even focusing on the undecided may be a mistake.

We are heading on a collision course with another hanging chad election, where anything could be the deciding factor in the direction this nation takes from here. Thus, the candidates must leave no stone unturned and are compelled to be everywhere and everything over the next 10 days, aggressive and cordial, specific and general, friend and foe to their opponent, ignoring or courting those who have yet made their final choice. For one, this will be a final swing and miss tour. For the other, a clear and definite path to the presidency.

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