Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Name That Tune

("Pop Goes the President")

To answer Mr. Bruni's question, it says more about us. It is an indictment of many in the voting public who can be swayed more by the number of times that Vice-President Biden smiled (53 by one count) during his debate with Congressman Ryan than by the content of his words. A public that is attracted to style and distracted by substance. A public that cares more about peeking into private lives than policy pronouncements.

President Obama, from all that we read about him, is a serious politician who studies and considers each issue with great care and concern. Yet his future may well be decided in the next 2 debates not by what he has accomplished, or failed to get done during the past 4 years, but by how often he grimaces or looks down at the floor while former Governor Romney goes off on one of his "I never said any of those things" or "if I did say any of those things, I didn't mean it" rambles.

To far too great an extent, ours is a nation of very little concern for detail on the issues and a great deal of interest in playlists. We demand appearances on "The View" to keep us entertained, not informed. If President Obama is a day time TV regular, the fault lies not in this political star but in ourselves.

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