Monday, October 29, 2012

The Inconvenient Truth, a Perfect Storm and the Cat in the Hat

8 days until election and a disaster of possible unparalleled magnitude is coming. While there is overriding concern for the safety and well being of those in its path, each candidate must be assessing the damage not only to person and property but to campaign. Virginia and New Hampshire, swing states, are in flux and in harms way. The storm's impact on early voting, and even access to the polls on election day is uncertain. And traditional stump speeches are blown away by the strong winds. Everything that was so regimented and orchestrated is no longer, as the President and Mr. Romney alter plans to deal with the unexpected realities of the moment. With due reverence and concern for those whose lives may be affected in the coming days, and with my apologies to Dr. Seuss, this might today be what one would hear behind closed doors at election headquarters in each camp:

The sun did not shine on our hero today
It was too wet and cold to put him on display
So we sat here and fretted and worried a lot
And contemplated bad weather and our tough spot

I sat there with many with no place to go
We sat there morose, with nothing to show
And I said how I wish we had something to do
But worry and wonder and suffer and stew

Too risky to go out and seem so uncaring
Too harsh we'd appear with our stump speech blaring

So with 8 days to go we sat in our house
And fretted and fumbled, grumbled and groused                               

So all we could do was to groan, groan, groan,groan
Of New Hampshire and Virginia we endlessly droned
And we did not like to consider it fit

That all we could do was sit, sit, sit, sit