Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Second Presidential Debate

This was the debate that the President forgot to have in Denver. Governor Romney's own words on immigration, on taxes, on women's rights and most critically on the 47% kept coming back to make his present assertions hollow. It was almost inconceivable that, in his closing remarks, the governor would open himself up to attack by portraying himself as the champion of 100% of this country. It was an invitation to disaster, and the President, pounced on it.

Whether this evening's gains will prove enough to offset the declining numbers of the President and right not only his ship, but those in Congress who will ride his coattails in their own elections, is unknown. And with one final debate upcoming, the answer may have to wait for another day and another performance.

But what I found distressing and disturbing in the remarks of both the President and Governor Romney was the ceding of the second Amendment to the NRA. When asked about the assault weapons ban, both men wandered off into discussion on education and parental responsibilities. This was all but an announcement, from the Democrat as well as the Republican, that this continues to be untouchable territory. We are a nation of hundreds of millions of guns and persistent mass violence, but, so it appears, there is nothing here to talk about.

In all likelihood, this topic will have little play in the coming days. And in the succeeding years. While there was a victory, large or small, for President Obama tonight, there will surely be an ongoing enormous and unnecessary loss for this country.


Anonymous said...

As my good friend Larry David says "Curb Your Enthusiasm". They were 2 heavy weights doing battle which was great fun to see. Both landed some great punches and both made big mistakes.
The good news for us is the President showed up, and put up. However, some of his biggest mistakes were when he said "we don't need low skilled and low wage jobs." Really? I think those are some of the jobs we may need the most. He clearly lied on the oil and gas leases issue. But worst of all he distorted, deceived, and evaded on Libya, and got an assist from Candy Crowley (who later walked it back and retracted). This was the point where Romney really struck out and missed his opportunity. With all the testimony and evidence available now on the Libya debacle Obama will be very vulnerable in Monday's foreign policy debate. What's the odds Romney and his advisers will be thoroughly prepared to pound Obama on this issue? Talk about leaving oneself open for attack!!! Had Obama been forthright from the start this would not be an issue today.
I think the President won the debate but it was not the really big win he needed. I am very anxious about the Monday's debate and the impact it could potentially have on 11/6.

Anonymous said...

This issue about Libya is really nuts. First the President is not responsible for security at an embassy, particularly before the attack. Second, he is not free to discuss openly the steps he is now taking. Remember he was at a gala the night Osama was killed. As he said last night, to politicize this issue is shameful. Ted

Anonymous said...

Ted Anonymous,
With all due respect, what's nuts and shameful is that you did not check your facts. There are some very famous pics you can see on the net showing Obama, Hilary, and Biden in the situation room in the WH on May 1, 2011 during the successful mission against Osama. You call that a Gala? Google can help you here.
Additionally, President Obama is responsible. Had you listened carefully during the debate last night you would have heard him say so.
What's also shameful and nuts is that so many voters are as ignorant and uninformed as you, and as Robert has said, will buy into Mitt Romney's lies and deceit, and vote that way.

Anonymous said...

So the President was sitting in the situation room during the entire mission was he? so when a President says he is responsible for the acts of his staff, he is responsible for the security of every diplomatic post in the Middle East ? thank you for your insight into my intelligence and knowledge. I am not running for office so I assume that insults directed towards are just a reflection of bad manners

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't have to wait until there is a debate to see the passion of a President. We should have to be inspired so late in the game. I think the President did well on the last debate, but his big win should have come in the form of being more communicative with the public regarding the Republican obstructionism during his first term. The debate should have been started months ago.