Thursday, November 15, 2012

Romney's Parting Shot

 ("Romney Attributes Obama Win to "Gifts")

Who is the real Mitt Romney? Just over one week after the election, the former candidate for President doubled down on his theory regarding a portion of the population that was beyond the reach of the Republicans. It was the 47% speech with slight variations. The recent college student, people under 26, young women of child bearing age, Hispanics and blacks were all takers, people whose loyalty could be "bought". Government "gifts" of healthcare, possible forgiveness of crushing debt, prevention of unintended pregnancies, the ability to pursue the American dream, all of these were Democrat bribes that the Republicans could not offer.

It was Mr. Romney at his ugly worst. Throughout this campaign, we were told that the ever shifting positions of the Republican candidate reflected nothing more than a fixed intention to get elected. Don't believe the outrageous Tea Party rhetoric he parrots, but merely trust that he will do the right thing once he gets into office. It turns out that centrist Mitt was the mirage.

The Republicans paraded before this nation a group of wholly unqualified potential candidates. The primary season was full of highly forgettable figures who did disservice to their party and this nation. What was left at the end of the day was a standard bearer who believed there were many among us who could be discarded. It was a vision of an America where the 'haves' deserve more and the rest deserve only contempt.  Mr. Romney, in what will hopefully be the final words we hear from him, revealed how small he truly is.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that the party of personal responsibility, doesn't want to take responsibility for their loss of the election. Gifts to the 47%? What about gift to the super rich of lower tax rate? They are really living in a alternate world.