Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Acceptance Speech

Tonight is not about who I am but who we are. There is an unbreakable American spirit, a sheer determination to overcome adversity, a courage and a strength that is and will continue to be the centerpiece of this nation. At our core is a common desire to demonstrate to the rest of the world all that is remarkable and all that is possible.

I have gone from one end of this country to the other and seen the struggles that we face. I know that sometimes it feels like brighter days will never arrive. But we are emerging  from the darkness. I will not rest, I cannot rest knowing the difficult times that still lay ahead. In recent days we have witnessed the unspeakable tragedies of a storm that has cost us in so many ways. But we will overcome, and in the weeks that follow, we will begin to rebuild, brick by brick and block by block. It is who we are.

The past months have been marked by the harsh reality of politics. But while Mitt Romney's vision of the road to recovery and mine may diverge, we share an unshakeable belief in your greatness. Democrat and Republican, old and young, man, woman and child, no matter the color of your skin or the part of this vast land you call home, we will all as one find the answers. It is who we are.

 I will ask for sacrifices from you, but you have never shied away from responsibility. I will expect commitments from you but you have never been unwilling to act. I will look to you for my strength, I will lean on you for my support. I will count on you because I can. It is who we are.

And we will emerge better in so many ways. Our  renewed focus on education will lead to more productive students and more secure futures. Our investments in energy will find us more diverse and more independent. Our rebuilding of our infrastructure will bring jobs to many and revitalize areas long neglected. Our recognition of our firefighters, our policemen and women, all those dedicated to preserving and protecting will help us as much as it will help them. It is what will happen because it is who we are.

We will speak to each other and not over each other as we reach for solutions. We will treat with respect those who act in pursuit of our common interest. We will not always see eye to eye but we will not turn our backs on those who have different answers. We will find a way to find common ground. We will do this because it is who we are.

The world is much changed from what it was that day in November of 2008 when I stood before you in Chicago. One could not have ever imagined that in foreign lands, far and wide, there would be such a demand for a new path. It is a path that is strewn with obstacles, and uneven landscape. And it is one for which the final resting place is near impossible to locate. We have been confronted with enormous challenges in trying to help those who look for a better, more respectful, more inclusive community in which to live. But help them we will, and we will be a consistent and moral friend to those who deserve our friendship, because that is who we are.

We have fought the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have brought home those who served us so nobly in one war and we will soon welcome back those who remain abroad in Afghanistan. And we will take as good care of these returning heroes when they are on our shores, as they have us. We will not forget them, we will not let them go hungry or without shelter. We will keep them safe from the storm because that is who we are.
We will  continue to be diligent and make it abundantly clear to those who would do us harm that we will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit. They will not rest easy one day, one hour, one second. We are as relentless as we are strong. We will do what we can, what we must, because that is who we are.
We will be steadfast in our care of  the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the neglected so they will never feel lost or alone. We will make certain that our first order of business is to mandate that the least among us is treated with the respect and dignity that all of us deserve. We will act responsibly towards them because that it is who we are.

Too many awake every day just waiting for the opportunity to do all of which they are capable. I will move heaven and earth to assure that their capacity is not wasted. We will pursue policies that give them a chance, because a chance is all they ask for. There is no stronger or better worker in the world and they will always make us proud because that is who we are.

I thank Mr. Romney and the Republican party for caring about our future. I thank all who have shown faith in me and cast their ballot in my favor. We are the greatest nation in the world and in the coming days the world will look at us and marvel . Tomorrow will be a good day in America, and the one after even better.. I know it because I know who we are.

God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America.


Anonymous said...

As usual, beautiful in words and meaning. It is a shame that this speech could have been easily adapted as his campaign speech. Keep it for your own campaign so that I can vote for you next time.--RE

Harryette said...

My generation has a saying: " From your mouth to God's ears!"