Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Stone Throwers

("Make Up Turned Break Up")

They deny irrefutable proof of global warming at an ever increasing cost to our nation. They fabricate concerns of "death panels" to frighten the public and try to derail passage of health care legislation providing protection for millions. They seek to suppress the vote of those who oppose them and deprive them of their most essential freedom. They utilize every subterfuge to undermine the President and diminish the chances of our economic recovery.

These are the people who dare throw stones at Susan Rice. Her appearance on national television on a Sunday morning was not even a blip on the radar screen.  Her statements were couched with asterisks and allowed for the possibility that the information was incomplete and might not be proven accurate when the dust settled. The unfolding facts on the attack on the consulate in Benghazi were subsequently debated in prime time before the nation by the Presidential candidates.

There is no honor in the behavior of Mr. McCain, Mr. Graham or Ms. Ayotte. This is only more of the same from a Republican party where political gamesmanship knows no bounds.


Anonymous said...

Total abject pure delusional psychological projection and rationalization from a closed mind.

Robert said...

And what is your take?

Anonymous said...

Without taking sides, and in fairness to any and all parties, if these very same events had occurred under a Republican administration, you'd be all over them like flies on dog excrement (and rightfully so). That may or may not be partially what the first writer had in mind, but I would add that experience does show that when something sounds, looks, and smells like a cover-up it usually is. The Obama administration have yet to present a clearly defined and consistently credible narrative of the Benghazi affair.

As fas as Susan Rice is concerned, she has clearly demonstrated she does not possess the diplomatic and political skills of a Hillary Clinton. At her level it was foolhardy to appear on 5 Sunday morning national news shows half cocked. Prudence would have dictated to a real professional to get the facts straight first, unless she was coerced by a higher up in the administration and blindly followed orders. Either way she's taking the heat, and she deserves every bit of it. Four Americans are dead; their families and all Americans deserve to know exactly what, and what did not, occur on 9-11-2012.

Robert said...

Are there further explanations needed regarding what went wrong in Benghazi? Without a doubt, and without a doubt there will be investigations and continuing accusations of the administration being negligent.

But Susan Rice was not a part of these decisions and not a party to these decisions. She is being scapegoated by the Republicans for a failure to do her "due diligence" before appearing on Sunday morning talk shows. This is an implicit attack on the White House, and an explicit denouncement of a person caught in the cross-fire.

Anonymous said...


Robert said...

So, it goes back to the fact that this is a party throwing stones at Miss Rice that are really aimed at the President. The Republican party is wonderful at creating enemies and distortions (does the debt ceiling debacle serve as evidence of Republican chicanery or would you perceive that this extortion was a legitimate exercise of their power, creating the first less than AAA rating for our country's credit?) The "crisis" involving Ms. Rice is nothing of the sort.

Anonymous said...

You are so incessantly busy, and heavily invested, in defending your party and President that you haven't an iota of objectivity or any of the so-called "compassion" liberals are always preaching. When the minority party, the Democrats are every bit as creative, clever, and deceiving as the Republicans in the production of distortions, lies, and enemies.

I care more about the 4 dead Americans in Libya, their families, and my country, than I could ever care about either party of fools in Washington. Take your pick: Harry Reid, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi, they're either senile, moronic, or incompetent imbeciles, or in at least one case cry babies. That goes for either Rice too.

Robert said...

Please don't distort my comments and somehow infer a lack of compassion for those who lives were lost. It does not move your position forward and is personally insulting.

It is the false equivalency that is always so distasteful. It is theory that "we" (the Republicans) are bad but "you" (Democrats)are equally as reprehensible. I do not agree, and I don't think for one moment that what the Republicans do in their political maneuverings is in any way matched by Democratic misdeeds. The lengths to which the Republicans have gone to distort and disregard the truth is unmatched by not only the Democrats but even the worst transgressors of earlier political eras.

Anonymous said...

You win!
And no distortion of comments or personal insult intended. So sorry if I offended you in any way.