Friday, January 18, 2013

Of Myths and Men

It is a tale of myths and men. For those like Lance Armstrong it is an all consuming fiction of greatness and invulnerability. In recent years, we watched as Bernie Madoff's monstrous creation spun out of control, leaving in its wake a financial and emotional toll of epic proportion. For Madoff, like Armstrong, the tug between right and wrong disappeared as the crowd cheered for feats that seemed beyond human capacity. If there were victims along the way, it was small price to pay for all that glory.

Armstrong's talk of a level playing field does little to wipe away any of the disgrace. The first step in seeking forgiveness is to humble oneself, completely and without condition. There must be remorse and contrition, admission not only of the wrong done, but that what was done was wrong. For Armstrong, that remains beyond his grasp, as even now he clings to the remnants of the illusion. Until he fully lets go of the myth, the process of redemption can not commence.

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Anonymous said...

This is so true. Yet the "consuming fiction of greatness and invulnerability" plagues not only sports but politics, on both sides. Little is done for the good of the country, much is done for the betterment of the party or the politicans. Getting credit, albeit it false credit, is everything--