Wednesday, January 30, 2013


With the surprising revelation that Alex Rodriguez may not have been actually forthcoming as to the full extent of his involvement with banned substances, startling news emerged on other fronts:

1. Donald Trump is considered egotistical by some.
2. Tuesday is still the day after Monday.
3. The Republican party is determined to make Barack Obama a 2 term president.
4. The sun sets in the West.
5. Mitt Romney is still alive.
6. 11 million people in America are not going to self deport.
7. It is far too long between seasons of Homeland.
8. It is not true that seven ate nine.
9. The human brain is capable of absorbing more than 140 characters.
10. Diets don't always have long lasting effect.
11. The Australian Open was already played.
12. Riding a snowmobile really dangerously is considered a sport.
13. Television has not run out of ideas for horrendous shows.
14. The pencil should be on the endangered species list.
15. The 2016 Presidential campaigns will begin right after the next commercial.
16. Hillary Clinton is contemplating another run for the White House.
17. Herman Cain is still alive.
18. Sarah Palin is no longer relevant.
19. It is 4 AM and the mind does not fully function at this hour of the night.
20. The Super Bowl is overhyped.
21. Rick Santorum is still alive.
22. There is abuse of the filibuster.
23. The Book of Mormon is a hit.
24. Mitt Romney's dog is no longer strapped to the roof of the car.
25. Leave it to Beaver was not reality TV.
26. Michele Bachmann is still in Congress.
27. Chris Christie is still a Republican.
28. There is no good reason that pitchers and catchers have to report first.
29. Some movie sequels should never be made.
30. Austerity is not all it is cracked up to be.
31. Clinton versus Bush in 2016 is a possibility.
32. Beyonce can still sing.
33. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will not be elected into the Hall of Fame next year.
34. Lance Armstrong was not the only abuser in cycling, he was just the most arrogant about it.
35. Gun control is a public health issue.
36. Texas has not seceded.
37. Global warming is not a hoax created by Al Gore.
38. I am older now then when I started to write this piece.
39. I am older now then when I wrote #38.
40. Jerry Seinfeld is rich enough that he doesn't have to work anymore.
41. Downton Abbey is not a documentary.
42. It is possible to watch Pawn Stars for hours on end.
43. Bill Clinton is a great public speaker.
44. I am still bald.
45. It gets dark way too early in the winter.
46. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are future Hall of Famers.
47. Rick Perry will not be the next POTUS.
48. It is Christmas even where it is warm.
49. The debt ceiling issue is a Republican ploy.
50. $275,000,000 for 10 years for A-Rod was a lousy investment.

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