Saturday, January 5, 2013

This One Deserves a Text

It is not often that I find myself doing the shopping for the family. Locating the right foods at the best prices is but one among the seemingly endless list of responsibilities with which I am not to be trusted.

Walking with a friend to one of the local groceries in our neighborhood, I suddenly found myself in unfamiliar territory. I called my son to see if there was anything needed for the house. " Pick up bananas and then go next door to the supermarket and get.....". I confirmed my understanding of the list. "Be sure to give them your phone number in case there are any discounts."

In short order the bananas were in hand and I was at the register. A young girl, maybe 20 years old, stood before me, ready to ring up my purchase. Next to her was an equally young girl who was bagging the groceries. As the bananas passed the register I asked  the cashier "Can I give you my phone number?"

Why, I thought to myself, are they looking at me so strangely? What is their problem?

It suddenly dawned on me.We were not members of this grocery. My son's explicit directions were intended for the supermarket, not here.

My son often says that he texts his sister when I experience one of my "I am not sure where I belong in this universe" moments. As I walked in the door all I said to him was "get ready to text your sister."


Anonymous said...

I love that you made me LOL today! You're right, this one deserves a text...

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine her facebook page entry today? DOM offered to give me his phone number, yuck!!!

Anonymous said...

So funny! Will you be returning to that particular grocery store?--RE

Anonymous said...