Friday, February 1, 2013


Immigration is treated like a bad disease in this country. We talk of border security, deportation,  even Mr. Romney's concept of self-deportation but the "curse" of our country is that it is indeed a beacon whose light has always shined on those less fortunate.

Our morality is in full view as we go through these conversations about what to do with the millions who have reached our shores and crossed our borders in the darkness of night seeking shelter from the storm. It makes us seem smaller that we can be so hard on those who want only what we deem as our God given right. For so many of us, we possess this right not because we earned it but merely by circumstance of birth.

If people could envision themselves on the other side of the conversation, on the outside looking in, then I would hope that their words and thoughts would soften towards those asking for our compassion and our protection. The greatness of this country is in the size of our heart, not our wallet.

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Anonymous said...

No one has been able to tell the story of all the good immigration has done for this country. The media goes along with stories of drug dealers and criminals trying to invade our shores. For as many 'happy endings' of persecuted families making it to our wonderful country, there are as many sad stories of the hopelessness of not getting here. Both parties cast a blind eye when clear vision and political courage was needed. --