Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sequester and Smugness

("Dire Consequences and Denial")

What makes the actions of the Republican leaders so egregious is that they are not the result of being ill informed but rather of being ill intended. The negative impact on the lives of so many and on an economy that remains on the doorstep of disaster is indisputable but of no moment.

A resounding defeat in the recent election has not crushed the resolve of many on the right, but only reenforced their determination to bring down a presidency and, oh by the way, a country struggling to find its footing. At a time when there is a continuing need for a strong flow of capital into the system, they all too easily turn the spigot off.

The most alarming aspect is the smugness with which this destruction proceeds. There is a palpable sense that Mr. Boehner and others in control of the Republican message are enjoying this moment, and incredulously seem not the least bit ashamed to insist that this debacle is not their doing.

As the hours pass and the sequester edges ever nearer, Congress remains in recess. This is a Republican party at its nadir, ugly and petty, focused on personal slights and political payback, not on proper care for those whom they have undertaken a sworn duty to protect. 

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Anonymous said...

It couldn't have been said better.
The party of NO is that little kid in the sandbox, kicking sand in everyone's faces, and then taking his toys and going home.