Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Absence of One Letter

What separates H from J?

Who cares? Me, myself and far too many others.

A blog post stands as a symbol of all that should be deemed unholy about a totally unneeded and self absorbed focus on one of many letters.

So, as you read through these words please see what may be most unusual here.

For once, and clearly for only a short moment, what separates H from J can be located nowhere at all.

As a matter of fact, who knows when an essay was concocted solely to keep what most see as fundamental,  excluded.

When the moment fades and we return to our everyday world where all letters are seen, but none more so than the one that separates H from J, there should be a touch of sadness,.

Thoughts are often random, none more so than these. But wonder no more how the world would appear when one day, one hour, one moment, there appeared no space between H and J.

Conjure no further of a place where ego found no home, where who you were no longer mattered.  Construct a planet that needed no space between H and J. Here and nowhere else can such a place be located.

Would there be war, would there be poverty, would there be a need to harm each other as we move up the ladder and over each other?

Know that you have entered an alternate world, one that unfortunately does not and cannot ever be. For we are made of such stuff that does not allow for the absence of that one letter, that one force that seems to move us more than any others. One could abandon A, ban B, cast off C, denounce D, erase E, forget F, get away from G,  hack at H, junk J, kangaroo K, leap over L, murder M, never need N, obfuscate O, pack away P, have a Q quandary, renounce R, snuff out S,  tuck away T, unwelcome U, vacate V, wash out W, eXonerate X, yell at Y, and zero Z, but one can never get a true moment of peace unless the letter that separates H and J can vamoose, go bye-bye, wander off, head to places unknown, and leave us alone.

For now,  we say so long and go back to the real world where H and J do not touch, and where our days our words and our fate are too often controlled by the letter that separates not only H from J but too many of us from each other,


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Alex said...

I know your secret.So cool.