Monday, March 18, 2013

Self Help

("Does Affirmative Action Do What It Should?")

First Sheryl Sandberg advises women that they should look inward, that their most compelling limiting factor in the workplace is themselves. Now, Dan Slater suggests that inherent academic shortcomings in minority applicants seeking admission into our most esteemed institutions of higher learning is reason to question whether affirmative action is in reality a negative. Is this what we are coming to as a country?

Are we really sending the message that the fault lies not in those in position of dominance but in the oppressed themselves? That they can do better without our assistance if they would only speak up louder or self educate better?

Discrimination is no uglier than when its reality is discounted, when all the wrongs are deemed not the product of the system but are the self imposed destiny of those who don't do enough to help themselves.


Gail said...

Bravo. This sounds like another likely NYTimes letter to the editor!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said. Anyone who thinks that the time for affirmative action is at an end need only look at history to see that the African American community alone suffered immensely under slavery with the dissolution of the family unit. The obstacles set in motion since that time will require affirmative action for at least another generation --