Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mayor Abedin

("Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's Post-Scandal Playbook")

While Mr. Weiner is polling to see if he can be considered a viable candidate once more, it would seem a stretch that New York City would be willing to embrace him with open arms. His actions were in some ways less egregious than politicians whose careers may be resurrected (eg Mr. Sanford). But the visual images presented were too striking and the timing too soon to make him more than a sideshow.

If there is a future big time opportunity in this family, it may belong to Ms.Abedin. Her tale has striking parallels to her mentor and boss, Hillary Clinton. Ms Abedin, is very bright, has been in the middle of the political arena for her entire adult life, has a compelling story of grace and fortitude and an extremely powerful and popular ally on her side.

Formerly one of Time Magazine's "40 Under 40" potential civic leaders of tomorrow, she is, in her own right, a person of significance.

If Ms. Clinton's path leads her back to the White House in 2016,  Ms Abedin  may well be in consideration for the role of her Chief of Staff. Rahm Emanuel moved from that position to the title of mayor of Chicago. It could be that New York City awaits not Mayor Weiner but Mayor Abedin.

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