Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tallying Up the Votes

 ("No Bully in the Pulpit")

David Brooks ("The Second Wave") was correct. Single issue voters, at least on the question of gun control, reside on the far right.  While 90% may have agreed with the concept of increased background checks on gun sales, it was the 10% whom the politicians most feared at the ballot box.

President Obama had neither the force of history nor threat of retribution on his side. He did what he could, but in the final analysis the most he could accomplish was to speak loudly but carry a small stick.

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Anonymous said...

I use the lower case 'p' for this president. It is so unfortunate for the country that we have a president who prefers to take a lower profile when the issue cries for strong leadership. Why not ask the NY Times to print all the names of those that voted against it, create a website with their names, or ask the Attorney General to begin legal efforts to take on the NRA by naming the NRA in any civil or criminal case as a responsible party. Let the NRA spend some of its millions in defending their stupid position.