Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Side of the Road Rage

("The Trauma of the Pink Shirt")

Road rage, especially during a moment of unintended and unwanted stasis, is a male dominated activity. This testosterone fueled idiocy relies on a total abandonment of rational thought as its predicate. I know as I count myself as one among millions who has on occasion left my brain in reverse and entered this arena (while planted firmly in the "safety" of my vehicle).

Inserting a pink shirted male into the middle of this "conversation" is undoubtedly going to be a trigger for some pointed observations. "Swearing like a man" at someone who is showing a softer, more compassionate sense of  understanding of the beauty of the color spectrum is wholly consistent with the neanderthal like qualities of one who has turned off the testosterone control sign. And what better way to demean and diminish your opponent than with an impressive string of sexually laden damaging phrases and images, for sex and power can be a fully intertwined couple.

While the author's wife and friend found his unsuccessful insertion into this fray uncontrollably funny, it is clearly better not to try to enter into a gentlemanly debate in these circumstances. For the raging bull in the red sports car, the pink shirt is an invitation to try to gore and dismember, with words if not fists.

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