Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bend It Like Bachmann

Michele Bachmann never met a truth she couldn't distort  She could manipulate facts with the proficiency of a Beckham  bending a soccer ball. Her announced intended departure, advising that the reasons she was leaving were exactly not the reasons she was leaving, was but the latest in an unending line of regrettable statements.

She has done so much harm during her tenure, reducing her office, her party and  the stature of our country by her destructive words and deeds. That a person of her caliber could gather enough support to be considered an option for Republican candidate for the presidency speaks volumes.

The Tea Party had a willing point person in the congresswoman from Minnesota.  This movement is showing signs of fraying at the edges, its most vocal advocates leaving the political arena for the safety and financial security of right wing outlets like the Heritage Foundation or Fox News, I am sure that history will not look back kindly on Ms. Bachmann or those like her, whose venom and lack of honesty or insight served no one well.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments about her. However, people like her only make political headway when there is a vacuum of leadership at the Presidential level, which is pesonified in President Obama. He is not a fighting President, that is to say he needs to take his fight one on one with members of the congress. He is a go-along President, exhibiting no genuine indignation, no genuine leadership at all. He should have stayed the professor he was. Strange because as a community organizer, I would think he would have had to gotten all the opposing factions together. What happened? What a let-down.