Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thanks for Nothing

("Democrats Get a Gift from the Roberts Court")

A thank you note to Mr. Roberts is definitely not in order for the decimation of the Voting Rights Act. The theory of Mr. Douthat that this wrong committed is more than offset by its motivational effect is ludicrous. Yes, getting punched directly in the face will tend to make one more likely to learn the art of self-defense, but that is not a basis for being grateful to the one whose fist caused the black eye or broken nose.

So what if the polling data demonstrates that this blatant attempt to stack the deck backfired?  There is no rational thought that would lead to the conclusion that more wrongs should be committed, or that this error should not be undone, because it didn't accomplish its intended purpose.

Thank you very much Mr. Chief Justice for your attempt to be so kind as to make the Republican party and the high court  appear so small minded and manipulative. I greatly appreciate your  effort Mr. Douthat at making me understand why I am being so naive in not looking at the bigger picture. However, please remind Mr. Chief Justice that his challenge is not to find clever ways to help by hurting, but rather to do the right thing for the right reasons.

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