Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cruel Intentions

It is the cruelty and the malevolence of the Republican leadership that is so jarring. It is the evident pride with which they announce their adamant and unfettered opposition to the policies of the President that is so alarming. It is the clear intention to act not as foe but as enemy that is so disturbing.

This is the point where the threats of destruction begin their seasonal awakening. Once more we will be forced to listen to demands for austerity that fly in the face of economic logic and treat all those but the ones with the most money and power as fodder, used as pawns in an unrelenting attack on rationality and morality.

This charade is ugly, vile, repulsive. The Republican hierarchy has repeatedly demonstrated in the clearest of terms that it has no boundaries in where it will take its unrelenting and unmitigated venom. It aims directly at anything and everything fair and decent that this President seeks to accomplish.

The health care law, the environment, the welfare and survival of so many of our citizens are all considered acceptable collateral damage in the attack on the oval office. This cannot be how it was intended.

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Anonymous said...

It is incredible that the GOP has zero social consciousness.
One would think that in some point of time, that there will be rebelling in the streets.