Sunday, July 7, 2013

Second Class

("Class Struggles in the Sky')

It isn't just the shrinking legroom that is so annoying. It is that nothing except the questionable air we breathe comes without a price. The headphones are not there for the taking. The sandwich that you wouldn't eat if you were on terra firma, now is mockingly out of reach unless you open up your wallet. And the baggage fees, don't get me started on that.

It is not the feeling of being second class in second class, it is the feeling of no class that is so pervasive. There is not an absence of luxury, but of appreciation that permeates. Yes, they seem to be mockingly stating, we know you are here, and yes we must invite you on board, but you must understand that you are not really being accepted, but  merely tolerated.

Are we not intelligent enough to recognize that the fare is not really as fair as it appears? Is it our math skills that are being questioned? Are we the victims of a 30,000 foot 3 card monte?

That right hand turn upon entering the plane signals entry into a universe lacking in much more than the space between you and the back of the seat thisclose in front.

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