Friday, July 26, 2013

The Lament

The clock it was ticking, the time it was short,
Tempers a flaring, tension a fraught.
There was no joy in Congress that day
The House Republicans had come out to play

Come Boehner, come Cantor, come Ryan too
Come aggravate, come decimate, come do what you do
Come heartless, come vapid, come fail every test
Come trouble, come headache, come bring out the rest

So we sat in the House, we sat there we few
Who knew it was wrong, knew not what to do,
We sat there and listened, and just shook our heads
Another piece of America now nearly dead

Put guns in our hands, show immigrants the door
Polluting our air, condemning our poor,
Make Obamacare unhealthy, make caring a flaw
Create a debt ceiling when you ramble on the Floor

You sit there so smug, who have torn this House down
Where is your compassion for there's none to be found
You hypothecate without basis, treat facts like the plague
You make lying an art-form, make truths seem so vague

You do damage to our Body, you do harm to us all
You do disservice to our President in hopes that he fall
You can't see the forest for you cut down the trees
You bring government to a halt and reason to its knees

You are less than you should be, you are less than you must
You have earned only enmity, you have not earned our trust
You have battered and beaten and broken and bruised
You have nothing to offer and everything to lose

So we sat in the House all that too too long day
We sat and we listened for what could we say
We sat and we grieved for damage being done
We sat and we waited for answers to come

But there was no joy in Congress that day
Not with Boehner, Cantor and Ryan at play
At day's end we got up and turned off the lights
Our House still a mess, no clean-up in sight.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent piece! A combination of Ernest Thayer, Theodore Geisel, Bill Maher and Robert Nussbaum!