Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Warming Up for the Yankees: The Fat Lady

Do we really care if A-Rod is suspended, since he was never here, wasn't very good the last time we looked and unless he brings Jeter, Granderson, Teixeira and a boatload of performance enhancing drugs with him for the gang that couldn't hit straight, his return will mean about as much to the welfare of this team as an umbrella during Superstorm Sandy?

The 2013 Yankees are a sinking ship, having more important parts on the permanent do not play list than an old Back Street Boys album. If there is such a thing as an injury bug, than this is the year of the plague. A-Rod with no games in, Jeter one and gone again, Granderson and Teixiera with insulting injuries piled on top of one another. Who in his right mind will be pitching to Cano the rest of this season? Meanwhile, who kidnapped C.C. Sabathia and left this less than mediocre imposter in his place?

It is time to give up the ghost, throw in the towel.  As wonderful as this farewell tour is for Mariano, the one who is actually warming up in the Yankee bullpen these days is the fat lady. As unthinkable as this is, as unhappy and uncomfortable as I am, as much as I am used to looking down on the rest of the baseball universe, I am afraid that I am now compelled to utter those immortal words of surrender: Wait til next year.

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