Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Republican Art of Manufacturing

("The Annual Republican Crisis")

Must we be subjected to more rounds of manufactured drama? It is an obscenity that pro-forma procedures to keep the government functioning and to authorize payment, in the normal course, of this country's obligations have been transformed into weapons.

I would rather that we not be yet again witness of the Republican brand of governing by threat. I would rather that we not be again pushed  to the last moment, and beyond, by those for whom there is no honor in governing. I would rather that we not be yet again give in and give up any of the benefits those most in need of our care and our protection deserve.

The relentless drumbeat to de-fund, destroy and dismember Obamacare is both cruel and outrageous. Obamacare is not an abstract concept but a living breathing being made up of the hearts and souls of millions of people. Last year's concession, by way of the sequestration, has already had a terrible impact not on numbers on a page, but on the poor, the children, the elderly, the ones for whom suffering is an actuality, a reality. They don't demand our pity but our compassion.

I would rather that the adults in the room emerged and the imposters masquerading as leaders of the Republican party disappear deep into the night. But what I would rather matters not and for all of us, the ugly, awful repetition is about to begin once more.

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diane said...

Sadly, I am sure you are right:(