Friday, September 20, 2013

A Country at War

("The Crazy Party")

It is interesting that Mr. Krugman refers to this as a "political moment of truth". There is more than a little irony in this statement since there is so little of this commodity found anywhere within sniffing distance of the Republican congressional members.

To cut, to slash, to decimate. These are active, aggressive terms, laced with meaning of intent to injure, to do great damage. It is not a coincidence that these are words applied to the continuing actions of a party who would achieve its goals at the expense of those most in harm's way.  Thus, the relentless drumbeat  to "kill" Obamacare.

No, Mr. Krugman, this is not a moment of truth, but of continuing attack. We are no longer two political parties with competing views, but adversaries at war.  That is the most unfortunate truth of all.

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Michael Gansl said...

Charles Blow of the NY Times aptly calls this current Congress, a "Kamikaze Congress". Our House of Representatives has morphed into a House of Zealots whose goal in their hatred of our President is the destruction of our government rather than the construction of laws to make our lives workable in the 21st century.