Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Apology

For those few of you who have followed me on my writing odyssey, you know that I have written but a handful of fiction pieces among the almost 1000 entries that have now been posted on my blog. Those attempts have been met with almost universal silence.

Yesterday, I took another stab at it. "Death on the GWB" was a fabricated tale of a man whose fear of heights led to tragedy (not surprisingly, I suffer from a fairly pronounced case of acrophobia and have traveled that very walkway on foot a number of times, all with unnecessary trepidation).  My words came with no explanation. I mistakenly believed that all would read this as yet one more failed attempt at literary genius.

Shockingly to me, I received comments on my blog, emails to me personally, and a number of calls all responding to the made up tragedy as though it had actually occurred. I never intended this as an effort to produce a "War of the Worlds" moment, but I had in fact created unanticipated consequences.

I give my sincere apology to any of you who were misled. I meant only to provide you with a few seconds of entertainment. Mea culpa.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

had we only known. yet, I still believe it was great journalism

ron a.