Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rebels Without A Cause

My mind's on fire, conflagration
I'm filled with ire, consternation
I'm agitated by your games
You should be ashamed

Its hard to think, contemplation
Can't sleep a wink, concentration
I'm aggravated by your obfuscation    
You should be restrained

You're intellectually lazy and despicably cruel
You're myopic, misanthropic, the perpetual fool 
You're puerile, hostile, a perennial tool
This is not a love story      

My belly's aching, its of your making
My heart is hurting from you I'm certain
Tears in my eyes, plaintive cries
Emptiness is all I see. 

Food without taste, steps without pace
You have stolen the joy and taken the meaning
Days without reason,  moments of treason
You have plundered, and pilfered and purloined

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