Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tinkers to Evers to Cruz

("Texans Stick With Cruz Despite Defeat in Washington")

Quixote to Custer to Cruz. No, not a legendary double play combination, but a Texas sized vision of heroic struggle against all odds.

It turns out that Don Quixote was but a hallucination of Alonso Quijano, a man who had lost touch with reality. In his altered state, he ended up tilting at windmills, not the fearsome giants that his troubled mind misperceived.

And Custer's last stand may well have been a result of his many tactical blunders. It appears that the general irreparably weakened his forces by dividing them, scattering his men so that they were unable to provide the needed support in battle. Historical analysis reveals that it was most likely mere hubris and miscalculation that led to the demise of those in Custer's control.

On that level, the grouping of Senator Cruz with the others seems perfectly appropriate.

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El Ganso said...

I was wondering what you might say about the fools in Congress, and you have not disappointed me. I love the analogy.