Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Watch Your Language

("Nazis, Lynching and Obamacare")

Maybe it is, thanks to the Republican misbegotten strategy, that we govern from crisis to crisis where everything has the feel of a tsunami.

Maybe it is that hyperbolic metaphor makes statements rise like a serpent's head from the rest of the sea of noise that emanates in our 24 hour cycle of examination and interpretation.

Maybe it is that we have grown increasingly intellectually lazy and the use of proper language to express ideas is a dinosaur facing extinction.

Maybe it is that years from now we will be speaking in metaphorical comparisons to Tea Party nut-jobs, those hostage taking, gun to the head, we love the smell of blood, sharks who try to circle in for the kill of Obamacare.

Whatever the underlying reason, Mr. Bruni is absolutely correct in his plea for us to stop misappropriating terms from distinct events. You just hit a home run, Mr. Bruni, knocked one out of the park. Take a curtain call.

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