Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What If They Just Don't Care

("US Fringe Festival")

What if the Republicans don't care who they alienate with their government by extortion philosophy?

What if they see a changing demographic of the country that will, for the foreseeable future, keep them from majority rule in the Senate or control of the White House even if they were to suddenly abandon their present ways?

What if they also see a gerrymandered House where they could eviscerate our economy, and take down most of the rest of the world in the process, and still rule that body?

So, if the political landscape is not to be fundamentally altered no matter their actions, where is the catalyst for them to stop the madness?

What if they feel they would be irrelevant but for the ability to manipulate the process?

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El Ganso said...

It's time to stop the crazy gerrymandering by the party that's in power. Only then will we be able to govern effectively which inevitably involves compromise at every level. Currently, House Republicans need only satisfy the small number of people in their district. So, unless this situation changes, everything will stay the dame, and more shutdowns are on the horizon.