Friday, November 1, 2013


Mr. Wegman, I am afraid you misspeak. There is no less hatred for Bahston than in the past. It is just that Yankee fans are going through a period of licking our wounds and can't muster up the requisite energy to give you a proper Bronx cheer.

We are, for the moment, Derek and the falling dominoes. One by one the old guard is going, going, gone and only a hobbled Captain remains.

After two decades of greatness, a season of mediocrity has robbed us of our vitality.  However, Mr. Wegman if we regain our footing and find ourselves in mortal combat in the playoffs with the Red Sox next fall, I suggest the world will then look very different to you. If that happens, I recommend you hold onto your hat.

The death of the animus that has long attached to the most fierce rivalry in sports is greatly exaggerated. If you indeed miss the good old days then,as the saying goes, just wait 'til next year.

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