Friday, November 15, 2013

The Health Care "Plan"?

Whether practiced deception or mere political oversimplification,  the health care misstatements of the President have proven a colossal blunder. While his intention was noble, to insure protection for many millions who had been neglected and abandoned by our society, his execution has been abysmal.

What this 11th hour fix will accomplish is anyone's guess, but it appears it will neither appease the detractors nor improve the plan. Rube Goldberg couldn't have conjured up a more convoluted mess.

And what has been laid to waste is the core strength of this President: his integrity. The result is the Obama image is in jeopardy of suffering irreparable damage and his central achievement of being decimated. It has all the indicia of becoming a monumental catastrophe.


Anonymous said...

His integrity is damaged not merely because of his misstatements but also because of his personal lack of knowledge of every detail of the plan. Leaving details to others is a dangerous scenario when it comes to the federal government, especially when it is referred to as 'ObamaCare' instead of the Affordable Care Act. He should have been the walking, talking expert on it. His execution on almost everything shows a lack of leadership. He has invited the opposition to create suspicion that there is no such thing as good government, which there is.

David B said...

When gave up on the public option even before entering negociations with the GOP on Obamacare, he showed that he was weak. The GOP saw an opening then, and they have use this as blueprint to steifel all of his initiatives.
He is a weak President, lacking leadership skills. He speaks the walk , but cannot walk the talk.
We democrats are disappointed, we expected more. Next time, we must elect people who have leadership skills, and proven track record in motivational skills.