Thursday, January 9, 2014

Governor Christie's Traffic Tie-Up

Some of the smugness, that sanctimonious, supercilious attitude of the governor permeating his being and his actions just got a little traffic whiplash.

While the dots of this tale may never connect directly to the highest office in the state of New Jersey, it would not come as a shock if the marionette's puppeteer was Mr. Christie. It is in his nature to push people around, especially those with the audacity not to jump on his bandwagon.

And even if the buck doesn't stop on his desk, this act of retaliation is wholly consistent with the aura created by the king of condescension. If his closest underlings took to some considerably wrong and pig headed retribution for the very minor act of political insurrection shown by the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, the governor has long been the perfect teacher in demonstrating the art of the wholly inappropriate. With each of his sarcastic remarks, each smack-down of a political opponent or even a constituent who questioned his Excellency, Mr. Christie implicitly informed his underlings that it is entirely acceptable to abuse those who don't fall in line.

Mr. Christie may not have been moving the cones by the George Washington bridge during that week in September. But he might as well have been, for that is who he is at his very core.


El Ganso said...

Wouldn't you expect a bully to surround himself with people who ascribe to bullying as well?
I'm glad Mr. Christie is finally getting his come upance!

Anonymous said...

He says he is sorry that the people he hired disappointed him...duh, shouldn't he be sorry that the citizens of fort lee and surrounding areas were stuck in traffic, that the school children spent enormous amount of time stuck in traffic, that emergency vehicles wre stuck in traffic, that he is a poor executive for hiring these people, that is what he should be sorry about. The buck stops with the boss!