Thursday, January 23, 2014

The $pending $pree

I am staring at a framed copy of a "Uniform Agreement for Transfer of a Player" dated December 26, 1919. "The party of the first part (the "Boston American League Baseball Club") does hereby release to the party of the second part ("the American League Base Ball Club of New York") the services of player George H. Ruth."

Over the past 95 years it has been the Yankee way.

On April Fool's day of 2013 the lineup for opening day included an assortment of the oft injured, over the hill or never was:Youklis, Wells, Francisco, Nix and Cervelli. It was an uncomfortable fit from the first to the last out of the season.

As Cano heads west for the gold, Rodriguez files multiple lawsuits raging against the machine and Jeter and Teixeira face very uncertain futures, the Yankees were confronted with the choice of either accepting mediocrity or spending their way to great possibilities.

Yes, the Cardinals may do it in a very different fashion, as do Tampa Bay.and several others. And yes, the Red Sox, while willing spenders, seemed to have purchased relatively bargain basement magic in 2013. But that is not who the Bronx Bombers are and not who the very large shadow of the late George Steinbrenner would ever allow them to be.

Will Tanaka go undefeated in 2014? Will Ellsbury and Beltran roam the vast expanses with speed and grace? Will home plate now be home to McCann for many productive seasons? Only time will let us in on these secrets. But one fact is clearly ascertainable. These are the New York Yankees again in 2014, thinking big and buying bigger. Welcome back.

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