Sunday, February 2, 2014


("Maturity's Victories")

Peyton Manning is an anomaly, an aberration. He is a once in a generation athlete who has been able to beat back the ravages of time and 300 pound defensive lineman and emerge, if not totally intact, at least fully in control of his environment. Do I see reasons to applaud my ever advancing age and decreasing capabilities because of the greatness that is Peyton? I wish.

Life is a series of trade-offs in which we search for reason to find the benefits in what remains rather than mourn what has been lost. However, that does not always translate as easily as Mr. Bruni suggests.

There can be an aching with the passage of days that has nothing to do with creaky joints and thinning hair. As we survey the landscape of our life, much as Mr. Manning does the shifting defensive formation across the line, we recognize we cannot call audibles with his facility..

There is an inevitability, no matter how supple we may be. Things may slow down in a positive way for the Bronco quarterback, as he weeds out the false signals intended to confuse him and finds the truth hidden in its midst. But for those of us on the wrong side of 60, things just slow down. He is the exception. We are the rule.

We marvel at his wondrous skill, his perspective. And we do find some comfort in knowing that there are those rare creatures among us who find ways to defeat all opponents, no matter the seemingly impossible odds. But each of us will wake up tomorrow reminded not so much of the greatness of Peyton, but the realities of our own universe.

There are surely those who don't wish to go back to the early days, with its confusion and uncertainties. Maybe some don't ask to be rookies all over again, but would rather be the grizzled veteran who has withstood the best shots and is still standing. But for most, to wake up tomorrow, a little befuddled as to how we got there, with a full head or hair, an endless supply of promise and a small sense of invincibility, would be a trade worth the risk. Like a general manager taking a shot on an unknown for a  player to be named later.

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El Ganso said...

Wow, it's just a game, my friend!
I'm not so sure it requires such deep thought and comparisons! it is just a game of football - not necessarily the game of life!!