Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olympics - 2018

The numbers for the viewing audience for the 2014 Winter Olympics are stunning. The International Olympic Committee believes this success is attributable, in large measure, to the infusion of new competitions, such as slope-style skiing and boarding, and team skating. As such, there is already effort underway to infuse the 2018 Games with new concepts.

There are a number of options garnering strong attention, but for now we know only their titles. Here is the present top 10 list:

1. "The Deer Hunter"
2. "Ice Fishing in Your Skivvies"
3. "Tonya Harding Broke My Heart and My Knees"
4. "Drive by Shooting"
5. "The Full Pipe"
6. "Cement Skiing"
7. "Avalanche!!"
8. "Downhill Skating"
9. "Disney on Snow", and
10. "Shaun White-Out"

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Very clever and hilarious Robert.