Thursday, March 27, 2014

Alms for the Rich

("A Nation of Takers")

Mr. Kristof speaks of five public welfare programs turning us into a nation of takers. I believe his categories deserve alternate names:

1. Welfare subsidies for private planes -  "King Lear-Jet"
2. Welfare subsidies for yachts - "Choosers Can Be Beggars"
3. Welfare subsidies for hedge funds and private equity - "The 1 PerCent's Solution"
4. Welfare subsidies for America's biggest banks - "Too Rich to Fail"
5. Welfare subsidies for American corporations from cities, counties and states - "The Well-Off State"

And I suggest the title of his op-ed might instead be called "Alms for the Rich".


Anonymous said...

short and to the point


Anonymous said...

Well done. Agree completely

Anonymous said...

You said it, bro!